A cubby a day: Day 2

The problem with attempting to organize 24 cubbies one by one is that over time things have co-mingled such that items that belong together in one cubby are scattered about throughout the 24 cubbies. Further complicating matters is that I have no idea which cubbies house which items.

This means that when I begin to organize one cubby, I must, of necessity, search through the other 23 cubbies for similar things that should go into the one cubby currently being organized.

As a result of the interconnectedness of mess, I ended up organizing four of the cubbies in the larger unit:

ikea expedit cubbies
Day two of my efforts to organize the 16 cubby Ikea Expedit

And two of the cubbies in the smaller unit:

ikea expedit cubbies
Day two of my efforts to organize the 8 cubby Ikea Expedit

While I have, from a technical perspective, organized 25% of the cubbies, I know that I have not done 25% of the work. If I were less experienced in the unforeseen consequences of attempting to organize a mess, I might imagine that I am now four days ahead of schedule, but I know my schedule will slip.

To begin with, as I sorted through the stuff that was jammed into the cubbies, I found this book:

Mr. Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful
I find my copy of Mr. Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful

which was in the vicinity of this partially completed amigurumi (the directions for which are in the book):

future crochet hamster
Sebastian le crochet hamster to be

and next to that partially completed amigurumi, I found this partially completed amigurumi, inspired by Perry the Platypus (aka, Agent P) from the cartoon, “Phineas and Ferb”:

future amigurumi platypus
A future amigurumi inspired by Perry the Platypus

In addition to finding more work to be done, I finished crocheting the stash bag I began work on yesterday:

future felted crochet stash basket
A view from the top of the crochet stash basket prior to felting

future felted crochet stash basket
future felted crochet stash basket

Tomorrow, before I can organize the next cubby (whichever one that might be), I will have to felt the stash-basket-to-be (there was not enough yarn for a stash bag proper) and finish work on Sebastian (aka “le hamster”) as he will be included in the amigurumi project I want to have completed and shipped out by July 20th.

And no doubt, when I begin going through the cubbies that remain, I will find even more unfinished projects in need of my attention.

2 thoughts on “A cubby a day: Day 2

  1. Can’t wait to see Perry!!!! LOL my granddaughter is a huge fan of P&F!!!
    Those cubbies look amazing!!! I recently inherited 2 armoires from my Mother-in-law. They were in her bedroom and they have drawers and cubbies and shelves – so large and deep and they hold tones….alas already I’ve acquired more yarn that they can hold…. coming up with a plan to house yet more yarn as I seem to be addicted to fiber texture and color..

  2. My son Brandon is a fan of Phineas & Ferb as well. Please do post pictures of Perry when he’s finished so his fans can see him!

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