A day of modest progress

Today I did not have the luxury of forsaking all else to work on my crochet, so my progress on the Tetrisghan was no where near as impressive as yesterday’s, but I did accomplish several necessary crochet related tasks, and modest progress, it would seem, is still progress.

The first order of business, as I saw it, was to take this pile of scraps that had accumulated yesterday:

yarn scraps
The resulting yarn scrap pile

and bring order to it.

About an hour and more than 200 square knots later, I had at least achieved less chaos if not order( you can learn more about the process I use to tie yarn scraps in this video):

scrap yarn ball
I attempt to bring order to yesterday’s yarn scraps

With most of the yarn scraps tied end-to-end and wound into a ball, I could once again resume work on the Tetrisghan itself. I focused my efforts on weaving in ends I had not gotten done yesterday, and then I added pieces where I could using crochet tetriminos I had already made or for which I had already made the Bauhaus blocks.

Both the back of the future blanket:

The back of the tetris inspired crochet blanket after a day of modest progress
The back of the Tetrisghan after a day of modest progress

and the front of the panel looked pretty tidy by sunset:

crochet tetris afghan
The front of the Tetrisghan

These spring days are getting longer and long, but the time seems to pass by even more quickly than it did when the days were shorter.

The pollen that began falling barely a week ago is beginning to dissipate, and I am now looking forward to the long, luxurious days of summer when the heat of the season will make it seem as though time is standing still, and I will use the opportunity to crochet and catch my breath.


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