A little bit stuck

When I finished work on a revised version of Square G-1, I thought that I was on a downhill side, and that things would come together quickly, but instead I got a little bit stuck.

I was quite taken with the colors of redesigned square, and I decided that I wanted to make at least nine more, so I did.

I started with the first two rounds, and soon I had all of the center crochet circles that serve to anchor the square all done except for weaving in the ends:

The first two rounds of nine future multicolor crochet granny squares

Then, because all of the squares are going to be identical, I had no thinking to do, I just crocheted the third round with Craft Smart Value yarn fuchsia:

The third round of nine future multicolor crochet granny squares

Then picking up on and enhancing the late summer mood of the square, I crocheted the fourth round with the turquoise from the same line:

The fourth round of nine eight-round granny squares crocheted in turquoise

Feeling a little tired but still wanting to move forward, I got a cup of coffee from one of my favorite coffee haunts and moved forward on the fifth found of the square:

Coffee to fuel my work on the nine crochet squares on which I got a little bit stuck

I used a Red Heart Super Saver color called saffron because the fifth round of this square is where the circle ends and the square beings, so it is a kind of a demarcation, and I let the color telegraph that:

Nine crochet circles on their way to being the nine crochet squares on which I am a little bit stuck

I now have a total of twenty-seven rounds still to crochet, a bunch of end to be woven in and trimmed, and I will do it the only way I know how—one stitch at a time.