The crochet beat goes on

I was so enchanted by my reimagined version of Square G-1, that once I finished one, I decided that needed at least nine more, and so the crochet beat goes on.

In the previous post, I had just finished work the fifth round of all nine squares. The fifth round is pivotal, because it is the last round of the crochet circle, and from there, the motif becomes a square.

Using a color of yarn called orange crush, I worked all of the sixth rounds. It took awhile, but eventually they were all done, and the orange crush really made the circle-ness of the center stand out:

A nine patch of square G-1 reimagined six rounds in
Nine squares, six rounds in

Next up was round seven which I am working in a color I think of as a muted fuchsia. It is a little more somber than some fuchsias, but it also evokes a mood that very much reminds me of summer and other things I can’t articulate, but which I want to be reminded of:

A nine patch of square G-1 reimagined seven rounds in
Nine squares, seven rounds in

Which left me with just one more round to crochet for all nine squares.

Using a color from the Big Twist Value line called “purple,” the aptly named yarn is the perfect foil to the other colors I have used in this square and adds a delightful depth to the finished motif.

But I ran out of day before I ran out of squares to crochet, so of the nine, there are four left in need of a final round:

The crochet beat goes on with five of the nine squares ready to have their ends woven in and trimmed

But the crochet beat is not one that ends. It started before I was born, and will, no doubt, continue long after I am gone, but in the meantime, I will move forward, one stitch at a time, to bring these nine squares to fruition, so they can become whatever it is they are meant to be.