A lovely Sunday

Tomorrow, my sixteen-day streak of not having to get up before sunrise ends, and while I know I will miss the languid and lazy mornings of this winter’s break, I am also looking forward (with the help of my New Year’s goat) to getting done some of the things on my “to do this year” list as I did on this lovely Sunday.

One of the first items on the list is to finish a blanket made from textured crochet squares that was intended to be a Christmas gift.

To my delight, I managed to make measurable progress over the weekend, finishing sixteen of the twenty-four four-square centers needed for the project.

Stitch by stitch, round by round, I moved forward, weaving in ends and joining squares as required. By late afternoon, I had took a moment to lay out my work and examine my progress.

Here are eight of the four-square centers without the additional six-round edging needed to call them finished:

textured crochet squares
The four-square centers of the squares for my current monochrome project

and here are eight more squares, seven of which have the edging completed and one (bottom left) that is two rounds shy of being done:

crochet textured squares
Seven completed squares and one almost completed square

Happy with my progress, I rearranged them and got this group photo:

textured crochet squares
All the crochet squares so far

I still need to make 32 of the smaller squares that form the foundation of the finished project, but with hook in hand and my New Year’s goat at the helm, I expect that I will have it done in relatively short order:

crochet goat atop textured crochet squares on a lovely Sunday
My New Year’s goat oversees my progress on a lovely Sunday

2 thoughts on “A lovely Sunday

  1. I always read your new posts. It helps my crochet too. I love your goats. All of them, I have seen several you posted. I love the squares for the blanket. Love the color and texture. I will keep watching for updates on your progress. 🙂

  2. It appears that you and your goats are off to an ambitious start in 2015. Good luck and happy crocheting.

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