A slightly slower pace

Yesterday, for the first time in quite awhile, I was up before the sun, and while the day began early, thankfully it proceeded at a slower pace.

With a cup of coffee to fuel me, I got breakfast for my youngest, made his lunch, and then (because morning before-school band rehearsals will not resume until the new semester begins), put the leash on the dog and prepared to walk to the bus stop.

My dog enjoys these early morning walks and particularly likes the extra attention he gets from the other riders at the bus stop. He greets each student and allows anyone who will pet him to do so. Then, after the bus has come and gone, he and I make our way back home.

Here was the view on our return:

an early morning view
On our way to the bus stop

By the time we reached our house, the day was ready to begin in earnest, and my to-do list for the new year claimed much of my attention.

Over the winter break, we began cleaning out closets and cupboards, and there were any number of things that needed to be attended to, so I did.

Then, once my household chores were dispatched, it was time to get my son to a trumpet lesson, and while I did manage one gray square during the lesson, it was not the most productive of crochet days.

Then today (which still had plenty of errands but not as many as yesterday), I was able to add three more squares to yesterday’s one:

Four gray textured crochet squares worked at a slightly slower pace
Four gray textured crochet squares worked at a slightly slower pace

While my pace over the past two days has slowed appreciably, tomorrow will be cloudy and cold: perfect weather for curling up on a sofa with a crochet hook and some yarn, working to change the world one stitch at a time.