Blue skies and a gray blanket

Sometime late yesterday afternoon as I was walking my dog, Clooney, the blanket of arctic air that has covered much of the nation made its way to Raleigh, North Carolina, and left me wishing the gray blanket was done.

The temperature reading of 36º Fahrenheit did not factor in the breeze, which while it was not a wind, was also not gentle, and each small gust that arose chilled my just a bit more.

Meanwhile, Clooney, who pants his way through July and August, was in his element. He was ready to go for as long and as far as I would let him which (because I was so cold) was nowhere near as long or as far as he would have liked, and this morning, as I readied to take my son to the bus stop, the temperature had dropped even further.

By the time the sun rose, the sky was deceptively sunny and clear, and that cool deception continued into the late afternoon:

blue skies
Crisp, clear skies

But I had spent most of my day inside working on various things, not the least of which is my current front burner crochet project composed of a number of textured gray concentric squares.

My original plan had been to arrange them so that the edges were straight, but this afternoon, as I hurried to get them in place for a photo before I froze, I laid them out in an arrangement I had not considered:

Progress on my textured crochet squares for a gray blanket
Progress on my textured crochet squares for a gray blanket

At this point, I don’t know which way I will go the arrangement — straight-edge or sawtooth — but I know that whichever I choose it will be an adventure, and I intend to see it through, one stitch at a time.