A Mother’s Day crochet square rehab adventure

When this weekend began, I had “take an inventory of rehabbed crochet squares” on my mental to-do list so that I would know:

a) how far I had come in my march to one thousand rehabbed crochet squares

which would then tell me:

b) how far I have left to go

Unfortunately, this inventory task never made it from my mental to my written to-do list, so while I spent time at the storage unit looking for the squares I know are there but haven’t yet located, found new homes for things I know longer use, and repacked other things that needed to be repacked, I did not take an inventory of the crochet squares I have rehabbed.

When I finally finished with at least some of the things on my paper to-do list, the weekend was nearly gone, but as I am rich in crochet remnants, I dug deep into a bag of crochet stuff and came up with these nine crochet bits, one of which (bottom right) is a crochet granny square from a recent six-patch of remnants that I didn’t quite get done:

Nine assorted crochet remnants in need of crochet square rehab
A nine-patch of crochet remnants in need of rehab

While I enjoy the Jackson Pollock flair that the unwoven ends give crochet in a photograph, I don’t particularly enjoy the look in real life, so I started the rehab effort by undoing the whipstitches that joined two of the squares in the top row and weaving in all of the ends that needed to be woven in:

the same nine patch of future crochet squares with the ends woven in ready for crochet rehab
The same nine-patch of crochet remnants ready for rehab

That left me free to start work on the actual rehab.

Using my generous assortment of crochet hooks and my even more generous assortment of yarn scraps and yarn remnants (like yarn scraps, but longer), I got to work and managed completely finish the crochet on two of the remnants and make measurable progress a third:

a nine patch of crochet remnants with two crochet squares rehabbed
Modest progress on the nine-patch of crochet remnants being rehabbed

The journey to a thousand rehabbed crochet squares is a march, not a sprint, and when the sun rises on the new day, I will continue this journey, one stitch at a time.