A multicolor granny square blanket gets a little bit larger

Like the wheels on the bus, each round of yarn in this multicolor granny square blanket, goes round and round, and round and round again.

It feels unending, but it is, in fact, limited to the four sides of the blanket. But the with a great granny square blanket, the further out I get from the center, the longer it takes to complete each round the greater the investment of time in a single color and the more I want to get that color “right” and not make a mistake.

So after a color consult with my youngest son wherein I asked him to choose between two blues that many people would think were identical, I used Big Twist Value Yarn in a shade called sapphire.

I had a moment or two of doubt, but I plowed forward, and when it was all done, I was happy with the result:

A twenty-six round multicolor granny square

My only problem?

I still had ten rounds to go. Ten more opportunities to get it wrong.

Or not.

The other thing about getting so far out with a multicolor granny square blanket is that it is easier to eliminate some colors. Because so much has already come before, there are some things you try that are show stoppers–as in stop the show and go pick another color.

This time the “another color” I picked was a brightish yellow:

A twenty-seven round multicolor granny square

Which in turn invited me to used a purple that I had been eyeing for inclusion:

A twenty-seven round granny square

I am now just eight rounds away from finishing this blanket. Eight more color choices, and it will be time to block this piece and put it to bed.

Then I will move onto the other great granny square blanket, one stitch at time.

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  1. I love the way the blanket is looking wonderful colors and beautiful job

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