A perfect spring day

Today was a truly wonderful spring day.

Most of the pollen that blanketed the ground has been washed away by several storms, and it is once again possible to go outside (yarn in tow) now that the world is not covered with with a fine yellow powder covering every horizontal surface for as far a the eye can see. The temperature and humidity were sublime — not too hot, not too cold, not too damp, and not too dry — but just right.

So it was in ideal conditions under clear blue skies (and exquisite light) that I laid out the ten yarns I am using for my second granny square. Knowing that there are more than three million possible permutations, I was a little concerned about just how many of those possibilities I would crochet my way through before settling on two that would work for this project.

Here was my first effort:

The perfect ten-round granny square on a perfect spring day
One ten-round granny square for a bag-to-be

and here it is with the sixteen five round squares that I’ve already crocheted:

crochet granny square purse
The sixteen five-round granny squares with the one (as yet) completed ten-round granny square

While tomorrow’s weather is not forecast to be quite as perfect as today’s, there is no rain due until mid-afternoon, so my plan is to get the second ten-round granny square done in the morning so that I can have all of my color decisions made and can start the piecing in the afternoon, working as I always do: one stitch at a time.