A room with a view

When I spent the summer at my grandmother’s house, I stayed in the guestroom that was not haunted by my great grandfather’s photo.

The room I stayed in had two windows (side by side) that looked out over the back yard and across a large expanse of field that ended at a railroad track, and one of my favorite things to do was to gaze out the windows of that room where I stayed and watch for trains.

I did, on occasions when I was feeling particularly brave, make my way across the field to investigate the tracks, but for the most part I contented myself with running to the leftmost of the two windows to watch the trains as they passed, while I carefully counted the cars.

As far as I was concerned, the longer the train, the better, and my very favorite thing was when there was a caboose at the end of a long line of cars.

Here is an approximation of the view from that window:

a room with a view rendered in granny squares
The view from a guest room at my grandmother’s house

This project continues to challenge me, as each day, I get up and begin work never quite knowing where it will take me, but I am hopeful that when it is all done, I will be as delighted to look back on this project and all the places it has taken me as I was to race to this window and count the cars of the trains as they passed.