Unslipping my schedule

One problem with the design-as-you-go method that I am employing for this year’s state fair project is that despite your best intentions, you can sometimes get off track, and that is exactly what happened this past Friday and Saturday. I felt my schedule slipping, and I worked furiously on Sunday with the hope of reversing course and unslipping my schedule.

I had an idea that looked great on paper, but did not fare so well when I tried it out in real life.

Because of the time I had invested in the idea, I was reluctant to give it up as I knew that the time I spent crocheting the pieces that ultimately did not work took away from time I could have used to crochet pieces that a) would work and b) that were needed to finish current panels.

I spent what was left of Saturday and most of Sunday attempting to make up most of the deficit and while I still had a way to go before I was completely back on schedule, today (by the skin of my teeth), I managed to do exactly that, completing all of the squares for the panel that celebrates my grandmother’s lifeline/social network:

granny square picture of my grandmother's telephone
My grandmother’s telephone rendered in granny squares

as well as getting a few more of the granny squares for the front porch crocheted:

My grandmother's front porch rendered in granny squares takes shape as I work at unslipping my schedule
My grandmother’s front porch rendered in granny squares takes shape as I work at unslipping my schedule

I still don’t know exactly how I will assemble these panels when they are completed, but the only way for me to find out is to continue working one stitch at a time.

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  1. My smile gets bigger with each new development in this year’s state fair Afghan. I am loving it!! The telephone is a real treasure.

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