Square by square

This time of year always seems to present me with scheduling challenges, but so far in the 2014 North Carolina State Fair project crochet season, I have managed to pretty much stay on track with the production of squares.

Yesterday, I exceeded my square quota by three squares, and I also managed to join several rows of squares into strips that I will join later.

Today I continued in those efforts.

I got off to a slow start, but eventually settled in on the back deck with my yarn and hook, and by noon, I had crocheted seven squares toward the days quota:

seven blue granny squares
Seven blue granny squares

Not quite six hours later, I had crocheted an additional six squares for a total of 13:

Thirteen blue granny squares

While the 13 squares were 20 shy of my goal of 33, I had plans to go see the Durham Bulls play the Pawtucket Red Sox in the 3rd game of a best of 5 series for the Governor’s Cup.

I knew I would have time to work on the squares while I watched the game, so I focused a lot of my crochet energy on joining the squares of two of the panels into strips that I will later join.

Here is how the designated panels looked as of noon:

granny square crochet picture
Two granny square picture panels at noon

and here is how far I had gotten with them shortly before I had to stop working on them so I could get ready to go the game:

granny square crochet picture
The same granny square picture panels in the late afternoon

As for the game, the weather held out just long enough for the Durham Bulls to win 4-3 in what ended up being a bit of a ninth inning nail biter.

Tomorrow, after I have dispatched my various chores and obligations I will once again pull out my hook, my yarn, and my Clover bent-tipped needles and resume work on this year’s state fair project, and with any luck and a lot of work, I hope to stay on track to finish this piece in time for the fair.

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