A very good crochet day

The sun was shining, the pollen was out, and despite my allergy to spring, I managed to weave in all six ends of the shawl I finished last night, made some double crochet circles using the magic ring method I learned this week, took a picture in daylight of the Zombie Ninja I made for my son, and completed a fair amount of crochet housekeeping.

But I do have a houseguest this weekend, so in addition to all of my crochet activity, I have had to entertain my guest, Lilly.

Lilly likes the usual things dogs like. Going for walks, riding in cars, and having her picture taken:

Lilly the dog

As you can see, Lilly has an easy smile. What you can’t see is that she has an equally easy demeanor to go with her smile. She has been an absolute pleasure to have as a guest, but, you might ask, what does this have to do with crochet?

Lilly’s mistress is aware of the fact that I like to crochet and thanked me for taking care of Lilly by giving me a lovely 300 yard, 4 ounce skein of a handspun, hand-dyed wool. It is gorgeous and can been seen here:

A very good crochet day gift of handspun, hand-dyed wool yarn
A very good crochet day gift of handspun, hand-dyed wool yarn

Now, I have to decide what to do with the gift and would welcome any suggestions my dear readers might have.