Mother’s Day 2010

I hope that everyone had a good Mother’s Day, whatever that might have entailed.

For me, it entailed walking my houseguest, the inimitable Lilly (see yesterday’s blog for a gratuitous, cute dog picture), and sitting outside with a cup of coffee working on what was supposed to be my own mother’s Mother Day present.

It didn’t come together as quickly as I had hoped, but here is a picture of all of the unassembled parts and the trailing ends that are not yet woven in:

crochet African flower plant
Parts for an African Violet Amigurumi Potted Plant

I am working from an amigurmi potted plant pattern that I found at Because my mother and I have limited gardening skills, we tend to do better with artificial plants, and since my mother has a collection that could accurately be described as a celebration of kitsch, I felt this amigurumi would fit right in with her other much beloved objects d’art.

How my mother and I came to be so unskilled with plants is a bit of a mystery as my maternal grandmother was a gifted gardener. I can’t remember her garden being anything other than as well-ordered and organized as her house, from the evenly spaced radiation plants along one side of the driveway, to her rose garden, and a planter box with geraniums.

The second law of thermodynamics had no standing in my grandmother’s house or her yard. Everything in my grandmother’s sphere was in practically perfect, if not perfect, order.

There are days I wish I could channel my grandmother and have her come work her organizational magic through me. My bed would be made, all the laundry would be folded, I might even get my crochet empire/guestroom organized.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2010

  1. LoL…I am just as unskilled with live plants while my Mamaw (Daddy’s Mom) had a wonderfully green thumb! However, I am one of those organized people. Even my messes have a certain organization about them….some call it OCD, lol.

  2. One time I was renting a house from a woman who was going overseas for a year. Part of the rental agreement was that I would care for her African violets during that time. I did okay up until February when they all withered into brown tendrils. I bought replacements shortly before she got back so I wouldn’t have time to kill them before her return.

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