I didn’t have a very splashy crochet day, but it was one in which I moved measurably and inexorably forward. Joining one piece and then another I added to my “ta-done” pile in small, imperceptible ways, a sort of crochet accretion.

After having spent much of yesterday “organizing” (as it were) the squares that needed to be joined, today, I began my efforts in a downstairs workspace in my home which offered three advantages: the light was good, it wasn’t too cold, and it was near the coffee.

Fueled by caffeine and a slight amount of panic, I joined the squares of the two rows I had laid out yesterday:

strips of crochet squares progress by accretion
I finish joining two more rows of 1 x 1 Bauhaus crochet blocks

Then I spent a few minutes fooling around with all four of the strips and made them into what I think of as colorful “crochet cinnamon rolls” shown here in a view from the top:

strips of crochet squares
Crochet strips maquerading as cinnamon rolls

and here, in their natural habitat:

strips of crochet squares
Crochet strips in their natural habitat

Then I set out with my son to his late afternoon orthodontist appointment, and while I waited for him, I made twelve of the 112 1 x 2 Bauhaus blocks that are needed for the twenty-eight Bauhaus quilt block iv motifs:

bauhaus crochet rectangles
What I got done at the orthodontist’s office

All in all, it was an excellent day, and I am hoping this exceptionally good crochet mojo lasts until the final end is woven in.



6 thoughts on “Accretion

  1. Perfection: cinnamon rolls and a great mug ‘o joe and crochet mojo!!!! Life is grand and so too is your progress :0

  2. Keep it up! You are on the downhill now. Tremendous effort at the ortho! Yay for you!

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