I gain some traction

I have been working on this project diligently (if not exclusively) for almost two months now, and the last week or so I have not been able to see how, or if, it would come together as planned by the date it is due, and I have been looking for ways to get some traction on the project, and today, I am beginning to think that I just may finish this after all.

After an early morning errand, the first order of business was to join the four strips of blocks that I had pieced together yesterday (seen here in their natural habitat):

strips of crochet squares
Crochet strips in their natural habitat

to what is now the central piece of the work.

By early afternoon, I had finished attaching of the strips (seen here from the front):

crochet blanket
I finish adding the four 1 x 1 Bauhaus block strips to my 2011 North Carolina State Fair crochet project

and woven in all of the ends (seen here from the back):

I get some traction weaving in and trimming the ends of my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project
I get some traction weaving in and trimming the ends of my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project

Buoyed by my success at finally getting the strips joined, I then worked to make the 25 additional 1×1 Bauhaus blocks needed for the center of the motifs-to-be; I got all of those blocks made with the ends woven in before it was time for dinner:

a rainbow circle of crochet squares
A circle of crochet squares

After dinner, I made a point of getting myself organized for tomorrow.

I gathered together the small scraps of yarn that have been accumulating and put them in a bag, piled the yarns for the project in one spot, and collected the pieces I have made that will not be a part of this project and set them aside.

Nothing with this project has gone quite as I had planned, but whatever tomorrow’s crochet adventure, I am ready.

5 thoughts on “I gain some traction

  1. I love following the progress on this. It’s like watching a weekly mystery program. You eagerly await the next post to see how the story has progressed!

  2. How many crochet projects do go exactly as planned? Somehow though, we complete them and this one is looking great. I have confidence that you will meet that Monday deadline.

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