Alice Merlino’s crochet heart scarf

I first became acquainted with crochet designs and tutorials of Alice Merlino (aka futuregirl) last November when I was in the middle of a stash down that had been necessitated by a major stash acquisition.

I was particularly enamored of her Starling Bag. I started by making the medium size bag from a worsted weight yarn that had been a part of my then recent acquisition:

red crochet handbag
The medium Starling crochet handbag

Next, I decided to make the large Starling Bag using carpet yarn that was also part of the acquisition. As can be seen from this photo:

crochetbug, vintage yarn, crochet tote, crochet bag, use what you have
A view from the top of the formerly yellow crochet carpetbag

I have yet to finish it.

This month I have been focusing my crochet energy on the intention I set for the new year which was to finish more projects than I start. My definition of this goal is fairly broad, so when I came across Alice Merlino’s crochet heart scarf, seen here:

Alice Merlino’s Crochet Heart Scarf
Alice Merlino’s Crochet Heart Scarf

I was able to work it into my crochet schedule because I wanted to use this yarn:

Manos del Uruguay silk blend color 3113
Manos del Uruguay silk blend color 3113

a silk blend from Manos del Uruguay that I bought with another project in mind. It did not work well for the project I originally envisioned, and the yarn has been languishing in my empire for several months now. When I saw Ms. Merlino’s awesome scarf at ravelry this morning, I had a suspicion that it might be just the thing for this previously recalcitrant yarn, and this afternoon, I got out my 3.75 mm hook and set out to learn whether this was the project for this yarn.

After I completed the first motif, it was clear to me that this was the perfect project for this yarn. While it would be easier to see had I thought to photograph it against a color that would provide better contrast, here is an overview of the scarf:

I get as tart on Alice Merlin's crochet heart scarf
I get a start on Alice Merlino’s crochet heart scarf

and here is a detail:

A detail of Alice Merlino's crochet heart scarf
A detail of Alice Merlino’s crochet heart scarf

The pattern does require a substantial bit of attention initially, but it is well worth the effort, and I expect that this scarf will become a St. Valentine’s Day classic.

7 thoughts on “Alice Merlino’s crochet heart scarf

  1. OH MY STARS…. I think this is the first piece I’ve seen where you’ve used a variegated yarn!! SO lovely and delicate!!!!! Pretty little scarf as well – likely something that will add that just right accent many times over!!!

  2. OH MY MY…..That is lovely! Love the yarn and the pattern is perfect for it. Funny how the two givens (fiber,patterns) in our art/craft will come together if we give them time. I bet the silk blend is a joy to work with.

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