All done but the crocheting

There comes a point in the course of designing a crochet project where the bulk of the work is done, but the project is nowhere near finished.

This, as it happens, is the point at which I have arrived with the textured squares project I have come to think of as “Rhapsody in Gray.”

There are, to be sure, plenty of squares yet to be crocheted and joined and ends to be woven in, but all of the squares are designed, and all that is left is for me to make them — one stitch at a time.

So while I work on the blanket at the pace set by my craft, I found myself taking a short break to begin work on a scarf.

In the run up to Christmas, I found myself on the listening end of a conversation with my youngest son about the history of peacoats, and I was told that if I could find one, it would make a great Christmas present.

The very next day I saw an advertisement for one, and at the first available moment, I went online and ordered it.

My son liked his peacoat a great deal and requested a scarf made using the Christmas at Sea Crochet Mariner’s Scarf.

Using a 3.75 mm hook and a wool and rayon blend that is better suited to the winter here than the worsted weight wool called for in the pattern, I have (in between textured squares), made progress on his scarf, which — with any luck and a lot of diligence — will be ready to wear by the time my son head’s back to school on Wednesday:

green textured crochet scarf
A green textured crochet scarf for my son

I also made progress on my larger project with six square centers ready to be made into the larger squares:

textured crochet squares
Centers for six larger textured crochet squares to-be

and managed to finish 18 of the 32 larger squares and 7 of the 14 medium textured squares I will need to finish the project:

textured crochet squares
The completed textured crochet pieces, so far

I am anxious to see what designs will emerge when I join the squares and get the ends woven in, but until then, I continue to move forward, one stitch at a time.

4 thoughts on “All done but the crocheting

  1. Good Morning from WV! I love the blanket. I have been watching your progress. I really like it. I love Pea Coats too. My dad still has his from the Navy, it belongs in my closet now. I wear it with pride. Love the scarf, its going to look great on your son. I follow and share. Thanks!

  2. Great scarf pattern — what is it and where might I find it?

    I too love pea coats. As a matter of fact, I bought one for my daughter just a couple of years ago; she bought one for her nephew this Christmas.

  3. Thanks for the pea coat link. My Great-Grandmother gave me my Grandfather’s about 20 years ago. I knew it had to be old since I was around 20 at the time and he passed away when I was an infant. Well I narrowed it down to being before 1965.

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