Risky business

It is widely accepted that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but a little thinking can create it’s own hazards as it did with me this past week.

Yesterday, I was staying safely out of the “light freezing drizzle mist” that was our local weather and diligently working on the borders of the squares comprised of four smaller squares.

Occasionally I would chat online with a friend, and during one of those chats, someone whose observations I respect said that she preferred the squares when they were arranged with a zigzag edge.

I had been considering the same thing, so I continued working the additional border on the two-by-two arrays of squares that needed it, but decided that today, I would decide one way or the other.

First, I laid them out as they would be if I were to follow the pattern I am working from:

sixteen textured crochet squares
Sixteen textured crochet squares arranged in a 4×4 array

Then, I tried turning everything 45º:

thirteen textured crochet squares
The same textured crochet squares in a zigzag arrangement

The main difference besides the edge which becomes more visible as more of the seams are completed. The square within the square goes from this:

textured crochet square
The textured crochet square oriented one way

to this:

textured crochet square
and then another

After giving it some thought, I decided that I, like my friend, preferred the zigzag edge except for one thing:

The zigs and the zags were too deep for the size blanket I am making.

So I decided to fill in the edges with a medium textured square.

I manage to finish three before sunset.  and here is how those medium squares look in situ:

textured crochet squares
The zigzag arrangement with three medium textured crochet squares in place

This change in design means that some of the requirements of the project have also changed.

Instead of needing just 24 of the larger squares, I will need 32, and I will also need to make 11 more of the medium textured squares to finish the project, but while I have had to change course a bit, I continue to believe that thinking is worth the risk.

4 thoughts on “Risky business

  1. I think the zigzag looks sexy and is really worth the extra work. Of course that’s easy for me to say

  2. Its coming along nicely. I follow you on Bloglovin and look forward to your posts. Beautiful blanket! I like it turned as well, more work but its going to be so worth it!

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