All done but the stuffing

Yesterday, I enjoyed the first day of summer by spending much of it crocheting. In fact, I was nearing the moment when the flat pieces of the future soccer ball are transformed by the stuffing.

I made woven in (and trimmed) all of the ends on the twenty African flower hexagons needed for my current crochet soccer ball project:

twenty african flower crochet hexagons ready for a crochet soccer ball
Twenty African flower hexagons, ready to go

finished work on the twelve African flower pentagons called for:

crochet pentagon motifs for a crochet soccer ball
Twelve pentagons for my crochet soccer ball

and when I got up this morning, all that was left to be done was to figure out in what order I wanted them arranged:

crochet hexagon and crochet pentagon motifs for a crochet soccer ball
I lay out the pieces for the soccer ball

piece them together and then weave in and trim all of the ends. Here is a late afternoon photo of my progress:

a nearly assembled crochet soccer ball nearly ready for some stuffing
A crochet soccer ball in need of more a few more crochet pentagon motifs and the stuffing

The soccer ball still needed a few of the pentagons pieced, so I continued my work until well after sunset and then turned the soccer ball right side out:

A crochet soccer ball in need of stuffing
A crochet soccer ball ready to be stuffed

Now all I need to so is stuff the ball, finish the seaming on three sides of one pentagon, and I will be ready to move onto whatever crochet awaits.

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  1. Very nice I guess I’m a chicken to try making those hexagon to make different projects but they look so pretty and I’m afraid I would screw it up somehow .But your work is beautiful thanks for sharing (Christine).

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