All of the pieces begin to come together

I meant to finish crocheting all of the pieces for the purple Viking hat yesterday, but I was exhausted by some early-in-the-day travel that left me napping for several hours in the afternoon.

Then I meant to finish the pieces this morning, but there were errands to be run and laundry to be washed, so it was early afternoon today before I finally sat down (in the comfort and overcast sunshine of an early spring day in Albuquerque), and I got to work.

I did my best not to be distracted, and at some point, I finally got swept up in the crochet, and I actually finished all of the pieces.

All. Of. Them.

I was pretty excited, so I laid them out as neatly as I could and got this photo in what was absolutely perfect light:

Gray crochet pieces for a crochet Viking helmet
I finish the remains pieces

My progress on this project has been slow in many places.

Because it has so many parts, it lends itself to being a “traveling project,” and I suppose if I were traveling this year the way I did last, I would have had this Viking helmet done more quickly, but I am not traveling as I did last year, so it ended up taking more time.

Because of the many parts it is easy to both pick up and set aside, and I supposed it is the latter quality that has made this hat take a rather long time to finish.

But now that all the pieces are done, there isn’t that much between me and finishing it:

All of the pieces of a crochet Viking helmet
A soon-to-be finished crochet Viking helmet

All I need to do now is weave in all of the ends, appliqué and join the pieces, and this purple Viking helmet will be ready for adventure!