It’s almost poncho time

One of the beauties of smaller crochet projects is that they work up so quickly, it’s about as close to instant gratification as crafting gets. Which is where I find myself with the recently begun toddler poncho project. The work has gone relatively quickly, and it’s almost poncho time.

Yesterday and today whenever a moment to crochet presented itself I got out my trusty 5.0 mm crochet hook, and pulled the poncho-to-be from the project/stash bag that currently houses it and worked on it for as long as time allowed.

Sometimes time allowed for just part of a row, and sometimes time allowed for more, and somewhere in the mid-afternoon, time allowed me to finish the last stitch of the poncho proper.

I say the “poncho proper” because although I am technically done crocheting, there are still details that need my attention.

When the day began, I about a fifth of the way through crocheting the eighteenth of twenty rows:

Crochet poncho for a child made with pink, blue, green and orange yarn
My progress on a crochet poncho as of this morning

I had established a pattern of colors in the first ten rows– honeysuckle, light periwinkle, light raspberry, light coral, scarlet, jade, tealeaf, turqua, and flamingo — and I repeated it over the next ten rows.

Then today, I found myself with several errands to run, so each time, I grabbed my purse and my project bag and managed to a stitch here, a few more stitches there, and then a long moment when I was able to sit and just crochet until the crocheting was done:

It's almost poncho time for this granny inspired poncho in need of finishing
It’s almost poncho time for this granny inspired poncho in need of finishing

and while the crocheting is done, there are still many things that remain to be done. There ends to be woven in, the piece must be blocked, and there is still a tie to be devised, as well as some tricking out left to do so that the poncho is a little bit over the top and memorable in all the right ways.

But I also know that in very short order, this project will be done, and it will in some way prepare me for whatever crochet adventure lies ahead.

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