A watched poncho never dries

On Thursday I finished crocheting my current front burner project, a child’s crochet poncho designed by Yolanda Soto Lopez, but there were still a lot of ends to be woven in.

So when the sun rose on Friday I got out one of my bent-tipped yarn needles and set to work, and by mid-morning Saturday after weaving in ends here and weaving ends in there, I had finished weaving them all in:

A crochet poncho with ends woven in
The crochet poncho with ends woven in and ready to be trimmed

The next step was to get my scissors out and carefully trim the many ends I had woven in, which I did:

A multicolor crochet poncho ready for blocking
A future crochet poncho ready for blocking

and then only thing left to do before finishing the piece was to block it.

Given that I usually crochet with my pets nearby, I like to begin the blocking process by removing as much pet hair as possible with a lint roller, and then giving the piece a good soak to remove any remaining dander and hair.

Then, if it is something that is going to be worn (like a poncho or a scarf), I like to finish with a vinegar rinse that relaxes the fiber (yes, it even relaxes most acrylics), and then I follow up with one last rinse in plain water and a thorough wringing by rolling the piece being blocked between towels.

Despite the fact I made this particular process the first item on my list of “things that must get done today,” and despite the fact that I had the ceiling fan on in the guest room/crochet empire where it was drying, and despite the fact that I placed the damp piece directly under the fan, the poncho wouldn’t dry.

I checked on it just before lunch, I checked on it right after lunch, and I continued checking on it throughout the day. Because I was in and out of the crochet empire all day while I was waiting for the poncho to dry, I came across a long abandoned project that began it’s life as a series of squares I was going to turn into a rug.

I had frogged the original effort years ago, but when I was sorting through the large yarn caddy that houses the fiber goodness for this still unrealized project, I came across this long-forgotten effort:

crochet squares with texture
A ghost of projects past

and I got out a hook and some of the yarn and toyed with the E-6 square from the Afghan-that-eluded-me project from many years ago:

multicolor crochet granny square
Crochet square E-6

By the time I had gotten that far with the E-6 square, my dog was looking at me and making plaintive noises in an effort to lure me outside into the cold for a late afternoon walk, but before I would do that, I brought the poncho-to-be from the room that houses my crochet empire, and I got this photo of a almost, but-not-quite-dyr poncho:

A crochet poncho blocked and still a bit damp
A watched poncho never dries

The days right now are so short, they go by in the blink of an eye, but despite that truth, I know that even though I seldom accomplish as much in a day as I would like, eventually many projects get finished as we continue to move forward one stitch at a time.

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  1. Looks so cheerful! Not quite sure yet how it will become a poncho, but I am sure you will share… 🙂

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