The poncho finally dries and I unearth another WIP

Yesterday, after the poncho had dried, I tacked down the center of the long side of the triangle to form a collar and got out a 4.5 mm hook and a skein of Red Heart Super Saver flamingo and followed Yolanda Soto Lopez’s clear and concise directions to make a tasseled tie:

A multicolor granny square stitch crochet poncho for a child
A multicolor crochet poncho

With the poncho done and my poncho fever quelled (at least for now), I wondered: what next?

I had no clear idea, and then I recalled a project I had stumbled across when I was sorting through my bulky weight Lamb’s Pride wool while waiting for the poncho to dry. It was yet another WIP, one I began in September of 2012.

At the time, I was consumed with my 2012 North Carolina State Fair crochet project:

Multicolor crochet blanket with texture crochet squares
An overview of my 2012 state fair crochet project

but for reasons that now escape me, I thought that with a state fair deadline looming, I needed to take on one more project — a felted crochet bag.

Then I ran into some design challenges and decided that I needed to work them out in a non-felted acrylic project. This was the end result:

Crochet granny square fat bag
The finally finished (unfelted) crochet fat bag

Which looks a lot like this WIP (work in progress) that up until today graced a cubby in my crochet empire:

crochet granny square unfinished object
A long abandoned crochet U(n)F(inished)O(bject)

Referring to the pattern I created and then sold to Red Heart Yarns (free pattern available here), I frogged one of the adjacent flaps and then recrocheted the flap opposite the unfrogged flap:

Future crochet granny square fat bag
The first two crochet flaps ready to be whipstitched into place

Next, I folded the flaps toward the inside of the future bag, and whipstitched them in place:

Future crochet granny square fat bag
The future crochet fat bag with the edges whipstitched into place

Here is a detail of my handiwork:

A crochet edge whipstitched into place
Detail of the crochet flap whipstitched into place

Not only did I find the nearly completed bag and all of the yarn I would need to finish it, I found crochet hyperbolic curlicues I will need to make the closure:

Crochet hyperbolic curlicues for a crochet bag closure
Crochet hyperbolic curlicues

I no longer remember why I didn’t finish this, but I am grateful that for once, I at least had the pattern written for another version of the project, and with any luck, it will soon be ready to felt.

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