An early day

It has been awhile since I had to get up as early as I did this morning, but fortunately for me, Starbucks was already open, so before I began my errands in earnest, I stopped at one that is along my usual morning route and got coffee for myself and my youngest son to help us kickstart what was for us, a very early day.

Because it was so early, the atmosphere in the coffee shop was a bit more relaxed, but very festive. So festive, in fact, that the barista made these two decorative coffees:

Coffee is love at the start of an early day
#coffeeislove at the start of an early day

Once I had properly documented my before-sunrise-coffee, I got in the car and soon we were again on our way.

One upside to what felt like an obnoxiously early hour to get up was that I was ready to get to begin work on my crochet earlier than usual, and the first thing I worked on was the nearly (but not quite) finished Square C-1.

There were two more rounds to complete, and while I was perfectly happy with the 9th round of sangria, I was a bit concerned that the Red Heart Super Saver Accent bright orchid was a touch to gray.

I persisted despite my doubts, and when all was said and done I was glad that I had:

psychedelic rainbow crochet square
A psychedelic rainbow inspired crochet Square C-1

Not only did it look good on its own, it also complemented the solid sangria square as I had hoped it would:

psychedelic crochet granny square crochet square
A psychedelic rainbow inspired crochet Square C-1 and it’s companion sangria granny square

At this point I could have started working on the straps/handles for what will be the completed bag, but instead, I began working out the details of a baker’s dozen cookie scarf the idea for which had come to me several days earlier.

As my long-time readers know, I am unable to resist the periodic siren call of crochet cookies, and this first day of November was no exception.

I completed my first cookie project ever in July of 2012:

cookieghan crochet blanket
The crochet cookieghan

and today, I began work on yet another variation of this project:

crochet cookie crochet scarf
Two crochet cookies for a future crochet scarf

I never really know where my crochet will take me, but the journey is always well worth the effort.

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