And now there are two

I am at a bit of an organizing impasse, but I am on my way toward that goal crocheting baskets I can use to put my things in order, and now I have two baskets ready to go.

I need to finish crocheting eight Ikea cubby baskets so that I can take the first step toward bringing more order to my home, and until I finish all eight of the baskets, the myriad strands of my crafting life are in danger of tangling even further.

So this morning, when I was wondering what to work on first, I decided that finishing the second basket for my Ikea cubbies was at the top of my to do list.

In short order, I had finished all of crocheting:

And now there are two: the second Ikea Expedit cubby crochet basket
And now there are two: the second Ikea Expedit cubby crochet basket

and to my delight, the basket (while slightly smaller than the first, hot red basket) fit perfectly within the cubby:

Ikea cubby crochet baskets in situ
Two crocheted Ikea cubby baskets in action

With the second basket done, I focused my efforts on crocheting the dots for Dotghan 1.5.

Despite the general organization entropy that has engulfed my crafting endeavors, I did manage to find a skein of the Red Heart Super Saver dark orchid and delft that I needed to make some of the dots, and an hour before the kickoff for Super Bowl XLVIII, I had gotten this far:

crochet dots crochet circles
Twenty-five of 36 dots needed for Dotghan 1.5

There are still ends to be woven in and the balance of the afghan to be crocheted, but I will continue to move forward, one stitch at a time.

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  1. And if you are a Peyton Manning fan, you found plenty of time to finish. Sure wasn’t much of a game from his side of the scrimmage line. (Heavy sigh….) And Bruno Mars twerking capped off a truly forgettable evening!

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