A melange of crochet projects

Today began earlier and with cooler temperatures and a slate of errands much longer than I would have chosen were I choosing, but despite the somewhat inauspicious start to the day things eventually settled out, and I managed to finish one project in a melange of projects that has long nagged at me.

In May of 2011 I was asked to make an amigurumi lemur to be given as a wedding gift.

Using Tamie Snow’s pattern from her book, “Tiny Yarn Animals,” I made the requested lemur. The happy couple married and the lemur got a new home and was christened “Coltrane.”

Fast forward to sometime in 2013. Coltrane lost and eye. Where, the recipient wanted to know, could she get another?

I had thought it would be simple. I would go through my assortment of eyes, and if I could not maneuver and find the backing that had come lose and was still in Coltrane’s head, I could simply glue it on. Here is a photo of Coltrane with one eye missing:

One of the crochet projects in my melange: Coltrane in need of repair
One of the crochet projects in my melange: Coltrane in need of repair

After spending an inordinate amount of time sorting through the many bits of plastic in my empire, I failed to find the eye I thought I had, so I went to buy new eyes, and it turned out that the eyes were either a little bit smaller or a lot bigger. After some discussion, a lot bigger was selected, and today, after myriad mistakes on my part (Note to readers: it can be VERY helpful to reread the directions) due to inaccurately remembering how I put Coltrane together, I finally got him his new eyes:

New eyes for Coltrane the crochet lemur
Coltrane gets two new eyes

and to compensate the happy couple in some small measure for the inconvenience of how long it took me to get it done, I made Coltrane a beret which I think looks quite fetching on him:

Coltrane the amigurumi lemur gets a beret
Coltrane gets a beret

But before I could tackle Coltrane, I took my mom to a doctor’s appointment, and as a result of working on the third of eight crochet baskets while I waited:

An off-white crochet basket
I start work on the third of eight crochet baskets

I had the joy of meeting a fellow crocheter who both understood my work and allowed me to share many of my pieces with her while she waited for her mother.

The other crochet task I got done in the past 48 hours was to finish work on most of the dots needed for Dotghan 1.5:

Crochet dots crochet circles
All but one of the dots for Dotghan 1.5

I am one dot short of finishing, but it was cold out, and I didn’t feel laying the pieces on the porch outside, and I didn’t feel like getting them coated with the tons of cat and dog hair that would adhere to them had I tried to lay them out inside.

I don’t really know what tomorrow will bring, but here’s hoping the crochet fairy will smile on me, and I will continue to make some much appreciated progress.

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