And then there were ten

At the outset of beginning my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project, I knew that the element I have come to call the “multi-color motif” was going to be the most time intensive part of the afghan, and the ten motif centers I just completed are a testament to that fact.

Each multi-color motif is composed of nine separate pieces made from thirteen separate colors. Because of this there is a lot of joining, a lot of weaving in of ends, and a certain level of attention is required for each piece.

So today instead of working in tandem on this project and the felted fat bag, I fixed all of my attentions on the multi-color motifs, first finishing these six:

six of ten multicolor crochet motifs made from crochet squares and crochet rectangles
Six multicolor crochet motifs

and then beginning work on the 40 textured rectangles and 40 textured small squares that I will need to complete the last ten motifs, the center squares for which can be seen here:

ten multicolor crochet square motifs
A pyramid of center crochet squares for the last ten multi-color motifs

Part of the urgency of getting these motifs done has to do with my non-crochet life.

I am usually able to schedule things for “after the state fair,” but this year, I have had a few things come up that will not wait and which also must be done between now and October 8, so I am hoping to get these last 10 motifs done this week so that I have the time I need to assemble all of the pieces.