A super Saturday in September

Today was, as days go, excellent. It included not only progress on my state fair project, but measurable progress on what is a future felted fat bag.

It started when I read the following tweet over coffee this morning:

@crochetbug I just learned how to crochet! I feel satisfied and extremely happy!!

I completely understood what my fellow crocheter meant as those are the feelings I experienced when I first learned to crochet.

Crochet gave me a way to tap into all of the wonder and joi around me and then share that wonder and joi.

I sought to capitalize on the residual goodwill from the tweet, so I set myself up in my outdoor office, got out my 6.5 mm hook, and added four more rounds to the future felted fat bag:

a crochet granny square for a future felted fat bag
A crochet granny square for a future felted fat bag

Satisfied with the progress I had made on the future fat bag, and mindful of the fact that I need to continue to move forward on my larger 2012 North Carolina State Fair project, I swapped out my 6.5 mm hook for my 5.5 mm hook, and got busy with the six multi-color motifs I have been working on.

Here is how they appeared yesterday:

six multicolor crochet squares
I continue to make progress on the six multicolor crochet squares

and here they are after a couple of hours of work interrupted by one dog walk:

six multicolor crochet squares
I make some progress on the six multicolor crochet square motifs

just ten small squares and one rectangle away from completion.

The next sixteen days promise to be very busy, but all indications are that if I stay focused, I will finish both of these projects in time for the October 8 deadline for entry in the 2012 North Carolina State Fair.

Now, back to the crochet mines I go.