An errand-filled Friday

Despite having a bit of a weekend flare to it, my Friday was definitely a Monday in disguise.

I got my son off to school without a hitch, but just as I sat down to resume work on the six multicolor motifs-in-waiting that I began yesterday, my dog Clooney started to nudge me insistently.

Concerned that he had neglected some of his dog business on the walk we completed only 45 minutes earlier, I took him out for his second walk of the day.

Twenty minutes later when we returned home, it was clear that his main goal had been to get a stick that he had spied on our earlier walk with the fanciful hope that he would be able to somehow get it past me and bring it in the house.

With the stick outside on the porch and my dog inside on the sofa, I once again sat down again, with every intention of getting all six of yesterday’s motifs completed, and with interruptions here and there, I continued to work on them until my son got home from school just in time for lunch — this Friday being the first early release of the year.

Here was how far I had gotten with the motifs when I left the house to go get the pizza I had promised him for lunch:

six multicolor crochet squares
I continue to make progress on the six multicolor crochet squares

Once I got home from picking up the much anticipated pizza, I realized that there was no chance that I would finish the motifs by sunset as I still had a rather lengthy errand to run that would keep me out of the house and away from my crochet for several hours.

My response to that kind of stress?

Start a new project.

The project is based on several previous projects and one pattern I have wanted to try.

At the moment, it just looks like concentric squares made from Lamb’s Pride worsted weight yarn:

granny square crochet bag
The start of a new crochet granny square bag

But if the vision of my mind’s eye is at all accurate, this will end up being my favorite handbag in quite awhile, as well as an accompanying entry along side my larger, more comprehensive 2012 North Carolina Stat Fair project.