Another practically perfect spring day

Today was the perfect day to spend outside crocheting.

Unfortunately, it was also the perfect day to get caught up on the laundry that had accumulated and at least attempt to vacuum up the copious amounts of cat and dog hair that have collected over the past few weeks.

But when I was not doing laundry or attempting the pyrrhic chore of vacuuming, I worked on finishing my second practically perfect granny square bag.

The first order of business was to work on the lining of the bag.

Having finished the bottom seams, I turned one of the linings so that I could insert one lining inside the other and have the right sides together. Here is how the two linings looked when they were pinned in place and ready to have the upper seams sewn:

fabric lining for a crochet bag
The double lining pinned and ready to have the seams sewn

Once I had those seams (and a second load of laundry) done, I turned the lining right-side out:

double lining ready to go
I finish seaming the double lining

Having hung the second load of laundry to dry, I was then ready to finish the side seams of the body of the bag. Here is a view of one side of the interior after the seaming was done and ends woven in:

granny square crochet purse
One side of the interior of the crochet bag

and here is the other:

granny square crochet purse
The other side of the interior of the crochet bag

After a few brief errands, I pinned the lining into place:

granny square crochet purse
The future practically perfect granny square bag to-be with the lining pinned into place

and when the sun rises on tomorrow, I will be ready to move forward, one stitch at a time.