April showers

This past month as brought lots of rain and plenty of pollen to the area of the country where I live, but with the rain and the pollen has come warmer weather and longer days, and I can once again (when it is not raining) sit at the table that serves as my outdoor office working on my crochet and watching birds, squirrels, and any other creatures that might cross my path.

My outdoor office is also conducive to contemplation, and while I was out there today, I reflected on the things I have gotten done and the things I want to do.

Among the things I have gotten done is a birthday beanie for one of my older sons.

This past Pi Day (March 14, 2011), using a free pattern from KookyKatKreations that is available as a free download at Ravelry, an H hook, and both Red Heart Super Saver and Bernat Super Value worsted weight yarn, I used the pattern as a guide and made my older son the beanie he requested. To my delight not only does he wear his birthday beanie, he also sent me a photo to prove it:

crochet birthday beanie
Simon wearing his crochet birthday beanie

Basking in the knowledge that something I made was in in use, I turned my attention to a series of stash bags I have been working on. Using this pattern, I have, thus far, completed 11 bags and am in medias res with two others.

When I did a recent inventory of my stash bags, I saw that I needed one for pink yarns. After finding two partial skeins of Red Heart Super Saver in baby pink, I began work on the pink bag seen here, and used a strand of turqua yarn to mark the beginning of the round:

baby pink crochet stash basket
The base of crochet stash basket 12

In addition to needing a pink stash bag, I also needed something made with a variegated for the yarns I have been collecting for a project that is still firmly in the realm of the idea. Using Red Heart Super Saver Candy Print, I began work on stash bag 13, and was delighted at the swirling pattern of color that emerged:

candy print crochet stash basket
The first 17 rounds of crochet stash basket 13

It is somewhat unfortunate that this intriguing pattern will be on the bottom of a bag the purpose of which is to always be filled with yarn, but it will bring me some level of joy just knowing it is there.

I know that tomorrow starts a new month and that the next six weeks will speed by at a dizzying pace before the heat of summer seems to make time grind to a halt; I can hardly wait.