Baby steps

One thing I love about state fair season is that when I get up in the morning, there is no question of what I will do that day. I will make coffee, eat breakfast as quickly as possible, do whatever chores and errands absolutely, positively must be done, and then I get busy working on my project.

However, during this time that is caught between the end of winter and the start of allergy season, I often find myself struggling to find the intrinsic motivation that propels me through summer, and today I found myself taking what I think of as “baby steps” in an effort to generate some crochet mojo.

Not knowing quite where to start, but being very aware that the day was in danger of slipping away, I ventured into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. While I waited for fresh coffee, I ventured into the dining room that serves as the nerve center for my varied crochet enterprises, and saw that yesterday, while I was sorting through my various projects, I had amassed a pile of elephants to be in need of blocking, and so as soon as I was fortified with sufficient caffeine, I did exactly that.

Here they are several hours into their drying process:

ten crochet elephants
Ten more crochet elephants to-be

Then, I gathered all of the boho hearts that I am working on and sorted them into three piles: those with one round completed:

boho crochet heart centers
Nine boho crochet heart centers

those with two rounds completed:

boho crochet hearts
Fifteen boho crochet hearts ready for the third round

those with the third and final round completed:

a circle of boho crochet hearts
Twenty-five boho crochet hearts ready for adventure

The final forms of both my 101 crochet elephant and boho heart projects still elude me, but I know that if I continue forward, one stitch and one baby step at a time, both projects will, at some point, fully reveal themselves.

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  1. The way you have the hearts set up in the second round picture makes a pretty design. Maybe turn them into granny squares?

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