Because granny squares

This year’s state fair project is a challenge on two levels.

The first is that I am trying to create a visual narrative of someone I have never met, but whose existence is intrinsic to mine.

The record of my paternal grandmother’s life is limited to objects, government documents, and small items in the society column of a local newspaper. As a result, there is much I don’t know about her.

The second emanates from the first. I have no idea which of these disparate pieces to include our how to represent them.

However, I had to start somewhere, so I decided to begin by trying to create a representation in crochet of the clock that sits on the mantel in the living room of my home.

I go past it most days without even really seeing it, but starting with a partial skein of light gray Red Heart Super Saver, I got to work.

In relatively short order, I had the face of the clock done and was ready to move onto the gold colored edging.

This effort ended up being trickier and involved a lot more frogging to get a satisfactory result, but eventually, I did, and I moved onto the wood portion of the clock.

Like the gold band that encircled the face of the clock, it wasn’t exactly straightforward, and while I made satisfactory progress:

I make progress on the replica ansonia clock face in crochet which is proving to be a challenge
I make progress on the replica ansonia clock face in crochet which is proving to be a challenge

There was a point at which I had to move on, so I did, setting it aside to make some two-round granny squares that I’m sure will come in handy:

two-round crochet granny squares
Nine granny squares

I don’t, as yet, have a clear idea of the direction this year’s project will go, but I have no doubt that it will be both a challenging and rewarding journey.

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  1. I love your beginning ideas for this & can’t wait to see more as u progress! Good luck!

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