Big Bauhaus blocks

These days it seems I get the most crochet done when I am watching my mother’s dog, Toby.

He is, to say the least, quite anxious when my mother is apart from him for any reason, and he is insistent that there be someone handy for him to ignore.

Today, I was that someone.

The advantage of dog sitting Toby is that I am able to get a lot of crochet done while I stay nearby so that he can better ignore me.

Today, under Toby’s watchful eye, I got these eight large Bauhaus blocks done:

eight crochet squares
Eight big Bauhaus crochet blocks all in a row

I focused my efforts on these larger blocks today because they tend to work up quickly and give me a sense of accomplishment:

eight crochet squares
Eight big Bauhaus crochet blocks

Once I finished with my dog sitting venture, the day seemed to evaporate.

There were groceries to be purchased, dishes to be washed, and lots and lots of cat hair to be vacuumed up.

Before I knew it, it was time make dinner. Then in what seemed just an instant, the sun was ready to set.

I am going to miss the long languid days of summer, but there is a certain sense of anticipation with the first day of autumn so near and the promise of cooler, crisper, sweater (crocheted of course) weather on the horizon.

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  1. Has Toby a crocheted sweater for this fall? Maybe you can get his attention that way. Maybe the cat will stop shedding if she/he is wearing a sweater. 🙂

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