Bike Cozy

I was traveling today, and didn’t have as much time to crochet as I would have liked, but I did have time to peruse the internet and I found this wonderful crochet bike cozy:

An amazing crochet bike cozy
An amazing crochet bike cozy

I can’t claim to have made it, but I wish I had.

There is something about crochet that it quintessentially comforting to both the person making the crochet and the person using it. I know that when I look at a piece I have made, there are many memories associated with the making of it: the store where the yarn was purchased, where I was when I made it, particular problems I encountered and how I solved them. Each piece I make is in some way a map and testament to my life and for me, crochet memories always contain a measure of joy.

There is also something wonderfully ironic about a crochet cozy intended for something that moves. Most cozies cover a cup, or teapot, or something similarly at rest, but a piece like the one pictured above is designed simply to decorate and push us to think, and it inspires me to persist with my work, no matter what others might think because crochet is as much about the process as it is the result.