Square I-1

Boo-Boo took a break from his adventures today so that I could get back to the afghan-that-has-eluded-me and make some progress toward the goal of finishing it. I have been struggling a bit to figure out how the fourth round of Square B-3 was done, so I set that aside so that I could start on a square that I might could possibly finish. Square I-1 ended up being the square of the day.

Initially, it looked as though I might have two unfinished squares. I began working on Square I-1, and everything was picture perfect until I got to the 4th round. Try as I might, I could not bridge the change from circle to square. It finally occurred to me that I might have dropped a stitch in Round 3 and that that was causing the problem, so I counted. I was four stitches short, but I hadn’t made any mistakes in Round 3. How could this be?

It turned out that the initial error occurred in Round 2 when I made 7 petals instead of 8, and, as crochet is not self correcting, I had to make the corrections.

Technically, the pattern for Square I-1 had no errors, but I did make a change to Round 5 so that the square would fit with less pulling and tugging on the stitches. Instead of working that round in sc, I worked it in dc. This made the square somewhat larger, and hopefully will result in a better fitting square with fewer stress points.

This is what my I-1 Square looks like:

multicolor crochet granny square
Crochet Square I-1

Maybe one day this square will truly be part of a larger, finished piece.