Boo-Boo Tours UC Berkeley

I did not get a whole lot of crochet done today. My youngest son and I were busy walking all over Berkeley, California.

We started the day by walking to Rick & Ann’s Restaurant, me for the Flannel Hash, my youngest for the Banana Nut pancakes with a side of bacon. On our way back from breakfast, we noticed a house where the yard was decorated with three bears carved from wood.

One of the bears was particularly fierce and can be seen here:

crochet amigurumi tiger in the mouth of a bear sculpture
Bear attempting to eat Boo-Boo

After that rather trying experience we headed straight to campus where Boo-Boo’s equanimity was restored when he had the chance to meditate by a water fountain.

amigurumi crochet tiger by a water fountain
Boo-Boo by a water fountain

I think his favorite place, however, was this tree we found with the perfect nook for a tiger to sit in and watch the world go by.

amigurumi crochet tiger in a tree
Boo-Boo in a tree

No doubt Boo-Boo will have more adventures in the coming week, but I am hoping to finish Square B-2 of the Granny Square Sampler Afghan as soon as I figure out how the fourth round was done.

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