Bundles of joy

Some of my readers might remember this hat from last November:

munchkin crochet hat
Stash busting munchkin crochet hat

Using this Crochet Munchkin Hat pattern courtesy of the crochet/knit designer known as Neanner and yarn from a major stash acquisition that then became the subject of a month-long stash down, I made this to be included with an assortment of gifts for the baby and mom.

The happy news is that the baby has arrived, she is well, and she has an awesome munchkin hat that she wore on her way home from the hospital:

Bundles of joy in a munchkin crochet hat
Bundles of joy in a munchkin crochet hat

The photo of an adorable baby wearing something I had crocheted spurred me to action on the blanket I would like to get done by April for the now toddler of a friend from college.

I started by adding two more squares to the first row, and I then laid out and pieced together the second row. I almost had the two rows joined completely before it was time to make dinner:

blue crochet squares
I finish the first row and add a second to the Little Boy Blue crochet blanket

and because it is my intention (at this point) to make 13 rows, I got busy making more squares to be used in this project:

blue crochet squares
More blue squares for the Little Boy Blue crochet blanket

The more work I get done on this blanket, the more I want to work on it, and tomorrow should provide me exactly that opportunity.

4 thoughts on “Bundles of joy

  1. Your Little Boy Blue looks like another prize winner. I hope his mom stores the blanket carefully away and then *daddy* will be able to make it a veryd special gift to his own son.

  2. Your picture made me SMILE!!! world domination begins with one small step and, you have taken it…..

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