Squares, squares, and more squares

Today’s weather was chillier and wetter than yesterday’s, which created the perfect cognitions for making more blue squares, which is exactly what I did.

Using my 5.5 mm hook and the array of blue yarns that have collected in one corner of my living room as a result of my work on this project, I crocheted as many squares as the day would allow.

Here is a photo of the blue squares I already had along with the “and more squares” I made today while it rained (and rained and rained):

More and more squares for a blue crochet blanket
More and more squares for a blue crochet blanket

I had hoped to get three more squares crocheted before the day’s light was gone so I could  arrange them in a 5 square x 13 square array, but with the substantial overcast, I was running out of available daylight to take any photo at all. Tomorrow, however, will be a new day with at least a bit ore sunshine, and I will need to add one more square to each of the two rows completed to make the blanket the length I would like.

As I lay out the accumulated squares made from every shade of acrylic worsted weight blue yarn I have at my disposal, one thing I am learning is that somehow these disparate blues work together in a cohesive way no matter in what order I arrange them.

There is a lot people could learn from being blue.

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