But, I digress

This past Saturday I trekked out to the DBAP (Durham Bulls Athletic Park) to watch my beloved Durham Bulls play the Louisville Bats. It did not go as well as I would have liked for the Bulls, but it is really hard to have a bad night at the ball park.

My face purse project was not sufficiently mindless and portable, so I found myself having to bring something different to work on for the game, and the something different that I brought with me was this rectangular granny square that I had started earlier in the day in advance of the baseball outing:

crochet granny rectangle
The start of a granny square lunch box

I continued work on the square throughout the game, frogging and crocheting as needed to get a color combination that pleased me. By the time the game had ended and the sun had risen on a new day, I had gotten this far with what I was thinking of as my “lunch box granny square project”:

lunchbox inspired granny square
The nearly finished granny square with the lunch box that inspired it

Saturday then zoomed by at a break neck pace with hardly a chance to crochet at all, but today, there were not so many obligations.

After finishing the final round of the granny rectangle, I made my way to my crochet empire in search of a specific color, and I found myself side tracked by the colors of the heart festooned purse.

So I grabbed a bag full of yarn and set up my own personal crochet camp on my front porch and enjoyed a spring rain while I crocheted:

crochet en plein air
My rainy day crochet office

Feeling ridiculously confident that I would be able to work out all the bugs of my latest design (we have yet to see if that is true), I started on a second granny square lunch box, and by sunset today, I had not only finished the first rectangle for the first lunch box:

granny crochet rectangle
A rectangle for my first granny square lunchbox

I had finished the first rectangle for the second lunch box as well:

granny crochet rectangle
A rectangle for my second granny square lunchbox

Satisfied with my progress on both, I got this group photo:

two crochet granny rectangles
Two granny rectangles for two future crochet lunch boxes

I don’t know what crochet adventures this May holds for me, but it seems to me that it has a lot of promise.

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  1. Yes, the pic of everything spread out on the porch is my fave as well! How did you do the double center granny?

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