Circular crochet

As March comes to a close (and winter has what I hope is its last hurrah before spring comes into full bloom) I used the day to take stock of what I had accomplished in terms of organizing my crochet empire and plan the next steps I would take toward that goal.

I began my renewed efforts by finishing the eighth in a series of stash bags that I am making to house my yarn stash.

The most recent addition to my ever growing collection of stash bags is made from Red Heart Super Saver Tea Leaf, a J hook, and this pattern. Yesterday I finished the body of the bag, so this morning, I added the handles, wove in the ends, and stuffed it full of yarn.

Here is one view:

crochet bag crochet basket yarn stash
Top view of stash bag number 8

and here is another:

crochet bag crochet basket yarn stash
Side view of crochet stash bag 8

Buoyed by a sense of accomplishment, I decided I would tackle my ever changing project known as “The Big Rug.” I got out my 4.5mm hook, a huge basket of Lamb’s Pride bulky weight yarn (both never used and reclaimed skeins), my perennial favorite hexagon pattern, and set to work.

An hour and fifteen minutes and several mistakes later, I finished what I now envision as the central hexagon of the rug-to-be:

african flower crochet hexagon
The central crochet hexagon of my African Flower crochet rug to be

While I have at least a couple of hundred more hexagons to make, and who knows how many ends to weave in, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and today I truly felt I had gotten that pesky first step behind me, and I ended my crochet day as I had begun it: working on yet another stash bag:

crochet stash bag crochet stash basket
The first ten rounds of crochet stash bag 9

5 thoughts on “Circular crochet

    1. The stash bag is a very satisfying project and one that I am able to put to immediate use. Within five minutes of finishing one, it is packed to the brim.

  1. I do so like these stash bags a lot – and the fact that you are using them to colour code your yarn. It’s a genius idea!

    I shall anticipate the next blog installment regarding your african flower blanket – I know it’s going to look fantastic!

    1. I got myself some more Kool-Aid today so I could dye some of the yarn for the African Flower rug. I have some pastels that are (to my mind) too gray, so I am giving them an electric boost of color. We should have the perfect weather for it tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

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