(Seemingly) endless possibilities

Today when I was deciding what I would work on next, I had any number of projects to choose from, and even once I decided that I would work on the 101 Crochet Squares crochet-a-long, I was more than one week in arrears, so I had to choose one of seven crochet squares before I could move from choosing to doing.

But choose, I did, and I settled on Square 40, a design with a center reminiscent of the Wagon Wheel Puff , a motif that caught my eye when I came across it the other day.

Today, however, rather than getting out my Etimo hooks, I reached for my Boye 4.25 mm. With hook in hand, I then selected six colors of yarn from which to choose as I worked the square. When all was said and done, I used the Red Heart colors of Bright Yellow, Parakeet, Dark Orchid, and Shocking Pink.

I elected to follow the color changes indicated in the pattern, so while the square was composed of six rounds, I used only four colors.

I began with bright yellow for rounds one and two:

crochet square crochet circle center
Square 40 the first two rounds done in bright yellow

then settled on parakeet for the rounds 3 and 4 (four is mostly composed of chains which are obscured by the double crochet stitches of round 5) after eliminating hot red, spring green, and dark orchid:

crochet square with crochet circle center
Square 40 with rounds 3 and 4 done with Red Heart Classic parakeet

I toyed with using spring green for round 5, but finally settled on dark orchid:

crochet square with crochet circle center
Square 40 with dark orchid for the 5th round

Once round 5 was completed, I returned the hot red and spring green to my stash and sought out the shocking pink which seemed to me to make all of the colors used work together:

crochet square 40 from 101 crochet squares with a crochet circle center
Square 40 with a shocking pink crochet border

Had I had the time, I would have made the other 23 squares that are possible if one uses four colors and changes the colors where indicated. I could then use those square to make a permutationghan composed of 6 rows of four squares each, or a permutation shawl composed of 8 rows of three squares each.

Instead I made dinner.

Chicken soup, anyone?


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