Working to create workspace

Over the past couple of months, I have been working to consolidate and organize my crochet empire and the nearby yarn annex.

One of the first steps was to get rid of the things I no longer wanted. As organizing goes, that is the easy part. Now I am wading through unfinished projects and having to decided what moves forward and what I leave behind.

One of the projects that is moving forward is the project known as “The Big Rug.” This project has been through two previous iterations, and in the course of unraveling the second iteration, I decided that I would dye a few of the colors in an attempt to give them a little more oomph so that I could use them to better effect.

Three of the colors I felt were in need of color enhancement if they were to remain a part of the rug project as I currently envision it can be seen here:

wool and mohair yarn to be dyed in Kool-Aid
Lamb’s Pride bulky yarn before Kool-Aid dyeing

Twelve packs of Kool-Aid later, this is how they looked:

yarn after Kool-Aid dyeing
Lamb’s Pride bulky yarn after Kool-Aid dyeing

With some of the yarn brightened up to the point that they could be used in the project as I currently envision it, I then turned my attention to my much beloved, but no where near completed, groovyghan, and concentrated my efforts on making the centers for the six flower motifs I needed to finish:

six crochet circles
Six crochet circles for future crochet flowers

Before it was time to fix dinner, I was able to transform two of the centers into full-fledged crocheted flowers (if not completed squares):

two crochet flowers
Two crochet flowers for my groovyghan

Then, when meal preparations left me with a few minutes of time here and there, I continued to add stitches to the ninth in a series of stash bags I am using to organize and hold my stash:

a crochet hexagon bottom of a future crochet bag
The bottom of crochet stash basket 9

It would be nice to be able to simply wave a magic crochet hook and have order descend, but until then, I will continue work on this project one stitch at a time.


4 thoughts on “Working to create workspace

  1. So, I went to see the bull today~ sigh~ all that was left were a few yarn remnants. I was so disappointed I missed it! ( I blogged about it)… this was the first time I had met the bull…
    I hope to meet you in a couple of weeks at the next meeting.

  2. I have a question. Are you marking the beginning of the round on your stash bag? If so, how exactly are you doing it? I haven’t seen that technique before. Thanks!! -Cami

  3. I’d also like to know how you are marking your rounds with the yarn. It would sure beat having to round up knitting pins that I normally use for stitch markers.

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