Cookie bar graph

Today I worked on crocheting cookies for the cookieghan.

I have, over the past three weeks, continued making cookies; one here, another there, but today, I spent all of my crochet time making new cookies and finishing any that were partially done. By the time late afternoon arrived, I had tracked down all of the cookies that needed their ends woven in and trimmed them up into my bag along with my crochet “wallet” and headed out with my youngest son to his trumpet lesson

By the time the trumpet lesson ended, I had completed work on one cherry wink:

One crochet cherry wink
One crochet cherry wink

two sugar cookies with sprinkles:

Two crochet sugar cookies
Two crochet sugar cookies with sprinkles

four spiral cookies:

Four peppermint swirl crochet cookies
Four peppermint swirl crochet cookies

and six gingersnaps:

Six crochet gingersnaps
Six crochet gingersnaps

Then, when I got home I decided to take a look at how much progress I had made over the past few weeks.

In late April, I took an inventory of the all of the cookies I had crocheted up to that point:

33 crochet cookies
The 33 crochet cookies I have completed so far

and today, I again took inventory of the work I had done and arranged my newly completed cookies with the others that had accumulated in the past 22 days, and here is what I had:

cookie bar graph
My cookie bar graph as of 7:19 pm EDT

With 110 cookies yet to finish, I have a pretty good idea how I will be spending my time for what is left of the month of May.

6 thoughts on “Cookie bar graph

  1. Its interesting to me that what at first just seems like a random collection of crocheted cookies at some future point in time becomes so alluring and has me intrigued and longing to see more more more… Also now I would like to have a REAL Ginger Snap!!!!
    Sweet Dreams <3

  2. I’m going to have to track back and see if there is a master plan for all these cookies! Not that there has to be…I’m making all those grannies without a plan 🙂

  3. I am so loving this! Also now I know it is ok to have my cookies with my coffee before breakfast.. ( and my mom told me it would stunt my growth, geez was she ever wrong) 🙂

  4. The cookie bar graphs are made of all kinds of right and wonderful.

  5. I think the spiral cookies and the cherry winks are my favorites of your crocheted cookies. they all look delicious though!

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