Crochet cookieliciousness

Due to impending deadlines and the inevitable time constraints of the end of the school year, I am, at the moment, trying to limit myself to working on either the Cookieghan, or the Granny Square Sampler, with smaller, quickly completed projects thrown in every now and then to generate the mojo needed to finish these two larger projects.

As a result of this attempt to focus my efforts, today I spent most of my crochet time on the cookieghan. I am anxious to get started with the joining, but I want to have four or five rows worth of cookies completed before I begin the assembly.

So today, I worked toward the goal of amassing the 52-65 crochet cookies I need to begin assembly. I started by making two dark chocolate cookies from Red Heart Super Saver coffee fleck:

chocolate crochet cookies
Two very chocolately chocolate crochet cookies

With those two cookies done and ready to be assembled into a larger piece, I next made the icing for two future oatmeal cookies as I need to attach the icing to the front of the cookie before I can complete the back:

crochet cookie crochet icing
Icing for frosted oatmeal crochet cookies

The frosted sugar cookies have the same construction need/limitation, so I crocheted icing for six frosted sugar cookies, making two of each color I am using for the frosting:

Icing for six frosted sugar crochet cookies in all their cookieliciousness
Icing for six frosted sugar crochet cookies in all their cookieliciousness

I am very much looking forward to getting enough of these cookies crocheted so that I can begin the assembly of this project, and while cookieliciousness might not be a word (yet), it should be.

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