Crochet invincible

After I finished this project:

crochet squares crochet blanket
My pixelghan composed of 1681 of the Bauhaus crochet blocks

I felt like I could crochet and piece together anything, and rather than setting my sights on something larger, I set my sights on something smaller; namely this bag-to-be composed of even smaller squares than I had used to make the pixelghan:

crochet travel bag
My mini Bauhaus crochet block travel bag

I had fashioned my design after airline flight bags like the ones available for purchase here.

I envisioned, a small, efficient bag capable of carrying all of the essentials of life so that if one wanted, one could strike out, passport and flight bag in hand, ready to travel the world.

I had pretty much forgotten this long dormant project, when a neighbor lent me this book:

diy handbag book
Refashioned bags

I had asked her for some pointers on pattern design, and when she came across this book at work she thought of me (and my questions).

So tonight, as we prepared to leave the house for what turned out to be the longest banquet I have ever attended, my husband pointed out this hawk to me:

hawk on a bird feeder
The hawk on a bird feeder in my yard

I don’t really know what, if anything, this hawk portends, but after a day spent running errands, doing laundry, and sitting through what seemed the longest banquet ever, I am hoping that this hawk is a sign that this weekend I will get a lot of crochet done, finish lots of projects, and sleep past sunrise.