Perfecting the peanut blossom

Buoyed by my success with the new and improved homage to Lemonades™ crochet cookie, I spent much of yesterday’s crochet time making more cookies for the cookieghan.

After making a couple of gingersnaps and a few more of the cookies with a jelly-filled center, I made a couple of the multi-colored candy cookies. After finishing two of these rather end-intensive cookies, I then decided to try my hand at the crochet peanut blossom cookie:

Here is the prototype from which I was working:

peanut blossom crochet cookie
The first peanut blossom crochet cookie

I did not find my rendition of the cookie totally inspiring, so I searched the internet for a fresh perspective. I found these from Hershey’s:

Hershey's peanut butter blossoms
Hershey’s peanut butter blossoms

(along with this recipe), these from Pillsbury:

peanut blossom cookies
PIllsbury peanut blossom cookies

(along with this recipe), and these from Land O’ Lakes:

peanut blossom cookies
Land O’ Lakes peanut blossom cookies

(along with this recipe).

With these images in my head, I got out my 4.5 mm hook along with my Red Heart Super Saver yarn in coffee and gold, and tackled this cookie once again. In short order, I had come up with a new, and (to my mind) improved crochet peanut blossom seen here:

peanut blossom crochet cookie
My latest peanut blossom crochet cookie


peanut blossom crochet cookie
A sideview of the improved peanut blossom crochet cookie

and with the crochet cookie where it all began:

two peanut blossom crochet cookies
Peanut blossom 1.0 ( left) and peanut blossom 2.0 (right)

With the details of this new and improved cookie sorted out, I had what I needed to keep myself busy while I waited for my son at his orthodontia appointment, and when we got home, I was able to get this updated photo of my cookie bar graph:

crochet cookie bar graph
Crochet cookie bar graph as of May 24, 2012

I still have a long way to go, but I am beginning to feel more confidence that this is a journey I will be able to see through to the end.

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  1. YUM!!!!!!! Looks good enough to eat!! Will you be making any of the patterns you’ve made up, available to buy? Your blankets are just so cool & I really like your Perry the Platypus.

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