Crochet redux: Guilty pleasures

Note to my readers: This post first appeared on June 30, 2010 under the title “Guilty pleasures.” I have since created a dedicated page with directions for how I made this hat which you can find here.

My husband is an early adopter, and as such, I have an array of gadgets at my disposal that, if left to my own devices, I might never own.

One such device is a Tivo.

I realize that Tivo can no longer be described as a new technology, but I must admit, the power to stop a program dead in it’s tracks is one that I enjoy much more than I ever thought I would.

Today I made good use of the stopping-things-dead-in-their-tracks feature while I watched Legally Blonde, for the third time.

I wanted to watch it because it is the perfect movie for a summer afternoon, and because I got it in my head that I wanted to create a facsimile of the crocheted hat worn by the main character, Elle Woods.

The hat is most prominently featured when Elle and the manicurist, Paulette, go to retrieve Paulette’s dog, Rufus, from Paulette’s former boyfriend, who, cad that he was, not only kept the trailer home where he and Paulette had lived for years, but also the dog.

After reviewing the scene several times and counting the number of visible rounds and stitches from several angles, I had a reasonably good idea of how I would make the hat. Using a 5.5 mm hook, Red Heart Super Saver pale plum, and Red Heart Super Saver soft white, I came up with this:

Legally Blonde crochet hat
Copycat of crochet hat Elle wears to rescue Paulette’s dog

Although the flower on Elle’s hat was silk, not crochet, I got out my copy of Lesley Stanfield’s 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet. Using a 4.5vmm hook and the dark orchid shade of Red Heart Super Saver yarn I made flower #43, the chrysanthemum, which duplicated the spirit, if not the botanical features of the flower featured on the hat in the movie:

Legally Blonde crochet hat
Reproduction of the Elle Woods crochet hat with large crocheted chrysanthemum

One thing I love about an afternoon spent crocheting, is that no matter what the outcome, I never feel as though I have wasted my time.

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